Wow, what a Saturday! Three weddings with the 1929 vintage Dodge today. Tight timing but all went well.

We started at 10 am with a pick up in Banksia Grove and went to one of the last weddings at the lovely venue Brookleigh in Wanneroo, soon to close after many years of happy occasions for thousands of people.

Then, we were off to Merriwa to pick up our lovely bride in a striking and very unusual black wedding dress, a trip down the freeway to Burswood shell, were we had a look at the river and the preparations and road closures for the eagles match, but we got through ok.

Then, the dash down Canning highway for our bride in Fremantle, bit of fun there. I had been dealing with Kylie and the booking for weeks, and thought that was my bride, turned out Abby was the bride Kylie was her mum! Great location at the Swan Yacht Club for the ceremony and drinks. A long day but all went very well, thanks to all my clients who appreciated the time limits we had today, very unusual to have three multi-hour weddings on one day but the virus has forced everyone to fit the bookings in where they could.

Our other Limousine was engaged in the lovely task of taking a 20 girl hen party down to Scarborough and Mal, my driver in the 11 passenger Lincoln limousine was very pleased, the sandbar at Scarborough is his favourite watering hole. A great day all round, now I have to prepare myself for a 7 hour swan valley tour today in our Lincoln limousine, I love doing these tours, particularly on a Sunday, we normally have at least two tours a week, in our 11 passenger limousine usually, but we now offer a cheaper option in our 7 passenger minivan too.

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