The Swan Valley has many different venues and attractions to fill out a day in the valley. Whilst it is best known for the many different wineries and its proximity to Perth CBD there are also other great places to go. If it is boutique beers you prefer then there are several breweries that have tasting and explain the brewing process to you. Great Northern Distillery has had large selection rum & liquors are your thing.   Several places offer cheese tastings and there is the Olive Farm also.   Honey and chocolate producers are also mixed among the wineries.
The best way to take valley is by limousine.   This way you have control over your day. You can stop as long as you like or move on as soon as you want. With the bus tours your times and venues are not open to change. Many of the buses are not air conditioned and by the end of day it can all get a bit messy.
With Gatsby Limousines day in the valley you can pick whatever venues you like and go for lunch wherever you want. You are in charge.   Get a group of up to 10 friends together, make up a list of venues and away you go.   It is always best to book lunch ahead as you may be waiting for table otherwise. Also check the venues are air conditioned if the warm weather is here. There is plenty of room in boot should you makes some purchases.
Forget the buses and travel in an air conditioned  luxury limousine and enjoy you day in the Swan Valley.
Swan Valley Tours

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