When hiring a wedding car or wedding limo in Perth there are few things to consider. Do you want vintage style or modern style limousines?
Your budget. What are your priorities?  With wedding transport you can spend many dollars on a limo with flashing lights, karaoke, yes a virtual night club on wheels only to find none of these features were required and not used. Do you require an elegant limousine for your wedding or a party bus? A traditional elegant limousine will come far cheaper and will have all you need to on your special day. What colour do you require?  There are many choices but nothing beats  white for a wedding. Always looks great in the photos and never dates. Passenger numbers? How many passengers and for how long?  You may be in limo as a full group for only a few minutes between photos and reception. Having a passenger in the front for a few minutes may be the difference between stepping up in limo sizes and the savings can be large. Check on what is included in the quote and what are extras.  Ribbons, glassware & ice   What does the chauffeur wear?  Hopefully a suit. If you are unsure ask to inspect limousines and confirm that this is the limo you will be hiring and you are comfortable with operator.  
This is your wedding day and having an experienced chauffeur that is flexible will have ensure the day starts out smoothly.                                                                                                                                 
If you require an affordable quote for an elegant stunning white wedding limousine then give us a call. 0401972618  Gatsby Limousines.  We are wedding specialists.

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