We all know about the delays at Perth airport. Late flights are an everyday thing, long delays at Customs and sometimes a long wait for luggage can and will cause you to be late for your arranged transport. Whilst your pre booked transport provider is aware of these delays and allow a small amount of time for these problems they can’t be expected to wait for long periods of time without some payment. Before booking check how many planes are due at same time. If it is a busy period allow some extra time as the Customs line may be lengthy.
Remember you nominate the pickup time not the chauffeur. Most companies will monitor the flight and try and work with it but at the end of the day you make the call.
When booking give your flight details and ask for a pick up at say 30 – 40 minutes after landing or whatever you think is correct.
This way a fairer on both parties.
Please use this link to check volume of expected arrivals.
Good luck with your travel arrangements.

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