You may have read we are members of The Wedding Car & Limousine Association and thinking so what! Who cares!
There has been much publicity about unregistered and dodgy people offering cheap limo prices. Some of these actually advertise on the web.  If you are unsure ask for Omnibus Licence no, do they have a website?  If they only offer mob no and prefer cash on the day. BEWARE. If the hire involves children ask the operator if the driver has WWC  accreditation.  It has also become common practice with a small minority  of Perth limo services to accept your booking then when something better comes along they just ring up cancel your booking using some poor excuse. This can be as little notice as the day before. There is very little you can do at such late notice but chase around for a replacement. You are encourage to report these operators to Ministry of Fair Trading and if they get enough complaints about same business they will look in to it.
Some of advantages of using association members.  With association members you can be assured that each member has the correct  licences needed to carry out  business in this field. Each passenger and their belongings are fully insured. These documents have to be produced upon application to join the association. All vehicles are licenced and have passed their annual inspection. Each member has been nominated by a current member who has vouched for their business ethics etc. Any members not upholding the code of ethics will be asked resign. The association sets the standards and expects all member to maintain them.
Our member’s vehicles are always pristine and well maintained. The members also network together and should the unexpected happen (break down) they have other members  that  they can call on and they will  make every effort to help out. The association members are kept up to date with all changes and new regulations.
If you would like to know more about the Wedding cars & limousine Association  please view website.

If your inquiry involves children ( School Balls,  Birthdays etc ) , insist on WWC accredited chauffeurs. Don’t take a chance with your loved ones. Ask to see card  at pick up.

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